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    JNRPE has two main functions: one is to execute Nagios plugins in Java, and the other is to execute Nagios plugins from Java.


    The notification protocol was first proposed by the Nagios Group in 2003.[1]

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    Ability to create and edit DXF files from any location on your system

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    Hold down one of your effects controls for a longer effect value than default, or use loopcount to playback and loop an effect infinitely.

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    By default, users will be prompted to save the pictures saved in the Saved Packs section of their VR accounts. This will store the screenshots for 12 months and automatically perform the required compression. If users wish to change the default option, simply highlight the Saved Pack box and click the button next to it. And if the archived snapshots end up being really big, users can compress those directly in VRChat Screenshot Archiver.
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